RVL Deserts Course Outline


  • What is Raw Vegan Food?
  • Where we get proteins and other nutrients in fruits, plants, nuts and seeds.
  • Foods: Alkaline and Acidity and how it affects the body.
  • The quality of water and it’s contribution to energy.
  • The order operations (For Food!).
  • Easy recipes you can apply quick and easy to your daily life.
  • And more!

In this playshop you’ll learn:

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth without rotting it? Whether just to impress your own taste-buds or the mouths of others, you’ll soon learn that Raw Vegan Love Desserts taste and feel better than you can imagine. Apart from cakes, we will also cover how to make fruit rolls, puddings and more.

Price: 800CHF

Only 499CHF!

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