Raw Vegan Desserts Outline

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth without rotting it? Whether just to impress your own taste-buds or the mouths of others, you’ll soon learn that Raw Vegan Love Desserts taste and feel better than you can imagine. Apart from cakes we will also cover how to make fruit rolls, puddings and more.

In this playshop you’ll learn:

  • What natural sweeteners taste like and how to use them.
  • What nuts you can use in combination with certain powders.
  • How to concoct delicious frostings to spread on cakes or pour over crepes.
  • How to incorporate dried fruits to maximize taste and consistency of your creations.
  • When to use raw oils to make your liquids into solids with light overtones of taste.
  • What it feels like to bring your first Raw Vegan Cakes and sweets home.

Price: 800CHF

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