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    Nicolas and Jasmine Radcliffe

About Jasmine

Jasmine studied mathematics and theology and has currently completed one year of her masters degree in science and religion. Jasmine was touring and giving lectures on sprouting and plant based meals since highschool. She began as a vegetarian, experimented with macrobiotics and later transitioned to a purely plant based and gluten free life-style. Jasmine was one of first modern day practitioners of screaming therapy and loves expressing herself through voice, dance and movement.

About Nicolas

Nicolas grew up in a partially vegetarian and health conscious family. At the start of every meal, his family always held hands and gave thanks for the food in front of them. Nicolas found that this moment of gratefulness for whatever reason made the food taste better in his mind, he enjoyed the food more in comparison to when he didn’t “give thanks”.
“For myself and what I’ve heard from countless others is that when a parent or someone you love prepares a meal, it’s often better than eating out or making it yourself for whatever the reason. I personally believe this has to do with the energy someone makes the food with. Giving thanks or “setting an intention” with the food also ads another dimension.”
This is where the “Love” comes into the picture. As a teenager, Nicolas began researching about Dr. Emoto and the effects of words on rice and water. Nicolas tested this for himself by sending positive thoughts to food, he found that the food felt better after eating it.
“Food is our primary bodily energy source, it made sense to me that sending energy to food made the food more enjoyable and felt better afterwards”
Nicolas also experimented by using the sound vibrations of the Didgeridoo on food and water and found equally if not more positive effects.
“The “Love” in Raw Vegan Love is not just a slogan, it has a deeper meaning and we incorporate this in all of our workshops, lessons and trainings.”
Taste is a big deal for Nicolas. He began learning about the taste of herbs and ingredients through his mothers “Taste Tests”, where he would either approve of a meal she made, or suggested adding more of an ingredient in a meal: “This needs more Rosemary!” he would say. Because of this early training, Nicolas became a “Food Perfectionist”, never settling for an un-tasty dish.
Later he was introduced to Raw Food where he began to understand the difference in how much energy the food he ate would give him. The “Perfectionist” now incorporates energy as a factor in his meals.
Whether Raw or Cooked, food is a daily necessity and Nicolas continues to practice and apply his skills on plant based meals and recipes for himself and his wife Jasmine every day. He continues the search for “The perfect 10/10” both taste wise and energy wise.

Nicolas and Jasmine have appeared on television on several occasions in Europe as well as newspapers doing massive raw vegan and plant-based potlucks, seminars or personal interviews. Many of their classes and events they have given have been through their charity work as “Plant-Food Ambassadors”. You can read more about their non-profit work here.

Nicolas and Jasmine on National TV in Serbia

Nicolas and Jasmine interviewed on Serbian national television after an event.
Jasmine’s nickname in former YU is “Jasna Lovelsci”,

Nicolas and Jasmine on RTV Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nicolas and Jasmine had a 17 minute interview on TV in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Nicolas’s nickname in former Yugoslavia was Kalej.

Click For Full Video Interview (Only Available in Bosnian language)

Nicolas and Jasmine also presented their raw dishes to two of South Africa’s most prestigious 5 star hotels.

The Mount Nelson Hotel and The Table Bay Resort.

The Mount Nelson Hotel

The Table Bay Resort

Raw Vegan Love featured on a Serbian national health magazine ŽIVETI ZDRAVIJE